Child Math Tutor
Since addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are skills children need to know in order to become successful money managers, this interactive tool was created to give children an interesting way to hone those all-important math skills. If you have children and any of them haven't yet memorized the math factors for their age group, simply make using this tool part of their required daily homework.

Instructions: Enter the student's first name and then select the operation and the number sets (or random numbers) the child will be working with. Then click on "New Game" to start the timer and the automatic Report Card creator. Next, click on "New Equation," enter the answer by either typing it or by clicking on the appropriate keypad buttons, click on "Check Answer" and repeat until child is ready to view his/her report card. Your child can pause the timer, change operations, change number sets and check their report card at any time during each game. To start over, simply click on "New Game."

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